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Technology and Research
  • Atlas of Northern GOM Gas and Oil Reservoirs
    Gulf of Mexico Atlas of Gas and Oil Reservoirs, production data, reservoirs, fields, plays.

  • Bureau of Economic Geology, UT Austin
    Research in advanced geotechnology, oil and gas discovery and recovery optimization, geophysics, and more.

  • Center for Wave Phenomena (CWP)
    The main focus of the CWP program at Colorado School of Mines is in seismic modeling, migration, and inversion methods and accurate and efficient computational methods for seismic data processing, primarily for application to regions of structural complexity.

  • Energy & Geoscience Institute
    Gateway page to research projects, contact information, publications and more offered by this group located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • Gas & Oil Technology Exchange (GO-TECH)
    New Mexico Tech and the Los Alamos National Laboratory developed this information rich site. New Mexico lease sale and regulation information, current oil prices, databases, and publications are a few of the offerings.

  • Institute of Gas Technology
    R&D, databases, news, education related to gas production, operations, marketing.

  • Methane emission reduction
    Work on new methods for initial production testing of gas wells that will avoid the hazardous practice of venting gas into the atmosphere to test the production capability of a new well.

  • MIT Earth Resources Laboratory
    Applied geophysics as it relates to seismic exploration and parallel computing.

  • NRIS Online
    Query, browse, print or download Oklahoma oil and gas data.

  • Petroleum Technology Transfer Council National Home Page
    Resource links, events, publications, forums, from this organization dedicated to getting effective technologies out to the domestic producer.

  • Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center
    Working oilfield to test ideas, new recovery technologies evaluated, training, and more.

  • Salt Tectonics
    Giovanni Guglielmo's research on salt tectonics is frequently updated and includes 3-D illustrations. Texas Bureau of Economic Geology Web site.

  • Stanford PE Papers
    Abstracts from Petroleum Engineering research group.

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